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The Linguaviva Centre is the oldest English Language School based in Dublin. We have been teaching English to foreign students since 1977 and pride ourselves on being one of IrelandXCHARXs most reputable English Schools. In our school our focus is on quality and ensuring that every single student feels like part of XCHARXThe Linguaviva FamilyXCHARX. We do this by ensuring that each student is happy with every aspect of their stay on a day to day basis, not just when they arrive. Linguaviva is one of the founding members of Marketing angličtiny v Írsku (MEI) a sme najdlhšia stála členská škola Kvalita angličtiny So sídlom v Dubline.

We have recently undergone some major renovations including new carpets, new furniture, new lighting, new heating, sound insulation, freshly painted and decorated rooms throughout the building and last but certainly not least new Interactive Whiteboards in classrooms. All of our Academic Staff have undergone extensive training and we feel the addition of more audio / visual material and Interactive teaching methods will greatly enhance the students learning experience. We have already received phenomenal feedback from students since their introduction

Máme širokú škálu zariadení v našej škole, vrátane knižnice, plne vybavenej počítačovej miestnosti s vysokorýchlostným širokopásmovým pripojením a WiFi v celej budove, študentský salónik, herňa, študentská záhrada, strediská pre študentov a oveľa viac!

We also now have a cinema section showing popular International TV programmes during breaks and a different genre movie each afternoon. Students are advised and welcome to stay in the school during their free time to take advantage of all the excellent facilities on offer!